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72v 45Ah Performance Battery

The E-Clipse boasts incredible range out of the box. Featuring a huge
72V 45Ah battery, custom-built and designed with performance in mind.

Eco Mode range is up to 70 miles while in Sport Mode range expect up
to 60 miles, the E-Clipse is engineered to provide top-notch
performance, no matter the driving conditions.

60+Mph Top Speed

The E-Clipse features an advanced, efficient & incredibly powerful
powertrain. Its smooth sinewave controller, which peaks at 300A
and has a continuous output of 120A, provides precise and efficient
control of the 8000W peak motor.

The E-Clipse also delivers regenerative braking, quiet operation,
precise speed and torque control, all while requiring low maintenance.


Crafted using Carbon Fibre, this high tech material usually found in
Aerospace and Formula 1 enables greater handling and easier portability.

The Solar E-Clipse will also be able to be registered to ride on public roads
for those with a license and insurance. Enabling ultimate freedom and
adventure, worry free!

*Pending Summer 2023


Carbon Fibre Skeleton
Exceptional Strength-To-Weight Ratio

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