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Solar E-Clipse


8000W* Motor 72V 45Ah

60+Mph Top Speed*

60 Mile Range*

Introducing the Solar E-Clipse. A brand new performance e-bike platform designed by riders, for riders.

At a glance:

  • 60+Mph Top Speed (8000w Peak Motor)
  • 60-70 Mile Range (72v 45Ah Battery)
  • 300Amp Controller
  • Carbon Fibre Frame
  • Fully Adjustable KKE Suspension
  • IP67 Rated
  • Removable Battery
  • Fast Charging as Standard (3-4 Hours)
  • Regenerative Brakes 
  • Front + Rear Turn Signals
  • Full Colour LCD Display
  • Fork Locking
  • Remote Lock / Unlock / Alarm
  • 19" Wheels

Pre Orders - Deliveries will be made End of June - Mid July 2023

Solar E-Clipse

Solar E-Clipse Unboxing

Maximum Range, Limitless Possibilities

The E-Clipse is the ultimate electric bike for the adventurous and the practical alike. Its powerful 72v 45Ah battery provides a range of around 60-70 miles per charge, ensuring that you can go the distance on your journeys. And with a lightning-fast 10Amp charger, the battery can be fully charged in just 3-4 hours, giving you more time to explore and less time waiting around. With its electric motor, the E-Clipse offers a smooth and effortless ride that makes every trip an adventure. Whether you're commuting to work or exploring new trails, the E-Clipse is the perfect companion for the ride.

Smooth Ride - Efficient Motor

The powertrain system of the E-Clipse electric vehicle is highly advanced and efficient. The sinewave controller delivers smooth power delivery that has a peak output of 300A and a continuous output of 120A, enabling precise and efficient control of the 8000W peak output motor. The PMSM motor uses a rotating magnetic field to offer high power density, precise control, and increased efficiency in comparison to other motors. Moreover, it provides regenerative braking, operates quietly, and allows for precise speed and torque control, all while requiring low maintenance. Consequently, the powertrain system of the E-Clipse offers outstanding performance and energy-saving capabilities, making it a top choice for electric vehicle enthusiasts.

Intelligent LCD Display

The E-Clipse sets itself apart with its thoughtfully designed display, which provides riders with all the necessary information to operate the vehicle with ease and safety. Boasting a large and bright LCD screen, the display features a host of safety features, including turn signals, a light beam icon, horn, and a brake indicator, ensuring that riders can focus on the road while enjoying a secure ride.

In addition to these safety features, the display includes a power bar level that indicates the remaining battery percentage and volts being drawn. It also displays the RPM and temperature of the motor, enabling riders to monitor the E-Clipse's performance with precision.

With an automatic dimming sensor, the display adapts to the surrounding lighting conditions, providing optimal visibility and reducing eye strain. Riders can view their speed in either MPH or KMH, depending on their preference. Overall, the E-Clipse's display is a shining example of intelligent design, providing riders with all the necessary information and safety features for a seamless and enjoyable riding experience.

E-Clipse Safety

The E-Clipse comes equipped with safety features including front and rear turn signals that seamlessly blend into the bike's design. Its motorbike-grade hydraulic brakes deliver reliable stopping power, while a safety stand ensures the bike won't operate unless in the upright position. Additionally, the E-Clipse includes running and main beam lights required for road-legal bikes (set to be road legal by Summer 2023).

Solar E-Clipse Specs

50 -70 miles (72v 45Ah)
Top Speed:
Up to 60mph in sport mode*
Peak Power:
8000W -300A Controller
3.6s 0-30mph
60.8KG / 138lbs
Water Resistance:

Customer Reviews

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Robert Armstrong

Been riding for two days and love it. Your team has answered my questions fast and precise. Thank you again

C. Kent Widmar
New purchase

Fantastic service, delivered as promised
A week later…….great product.

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