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The SUV Of All Scooters

Experience pure power and agility with the Solar P1 Pro 2023 edition. We've made significant upgrades to this model, including a larger frame capable of accommodating 11" tires and an MTB-style bar for stable handlebars. Based on the highly successful P1 2.0 Platform, the P1 Pro takes everything great about its predecessor and turns it up to eleven. The P1 Pro is equipped with two performance-tuned brushless motors, each delivering a whopping 2000 watts of power. With this immense power, the Pro can reach, speeds up to 50mph*. The acceleration has also been vastly improved, and in Launch Mode 2.0, the Pro can compete with some cars with its impressive 0-50mph times. Range anxiety is a thing of the past with the P1 Pro's massive 60v 26Ah lithium-ion battery, capable of traveling up to 50 miles per charge. So, bid farewell to any concerns about distance limitations. Get ready to experience the ultimate ride with the Solar P1 Pro 2023 edition. Order yours today and take your e-scooter game to the next level.
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The Best Designed And Most Comfortable Riding Scooter

Introducing the FF Lite, designed in the UK to surpass expectations. Despite its name, this e-scooter is anything but "lite." With two powerful 1600W motors, the FF Lite delivers an impressive 3200W nominal power (with a peak power of 5000W). It's the perfect ride for those who crave style, comfort, and speed. This high-performance scooter boasts a top speed of 45mph and can travel up to 40 miles on a single charge, thanks to its 60V 23Ah battery. The dual, upgraded Sinewave controllers ensure a smooth and efficient ride while giving you 100% control over acceleration and speed. Safety is a top priority, which is why the FF Lite is equipped with premium features such as a steering damper that significantly reduces speed wobble, ensuring a stable ride. Additionally, Nutt hydraulic brakes provide reliable and effective stopping power, while dual front lights, a rear/brake light, Solar deck panel lights, and front and rear blinkers help keep you visible on night rides. Experience the unparalleled quality and performance of the FF Lite. Order yours today and take your e-scooter game to new heights!
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The Best All Rounder Scooter

The P1 2.0 electric scooter has garnered a reputation as one of the world's top-selling e-scooters, and for good reason. Sporting dual 1200W motors, which deliver a combined nominal power output of 2400W, this scooter provides unbeatable performance. Boasting a 52V 18Ah battery, you can travel up to 30 miles in average speed modes, and with a maximum speed of 40mph, you can experience thrilling rides every time you hit the road. The P1 2.0 features both a key start and fingerprint start for added convenience, and with dual charging ports, you can speed up the charging process. For a smoother ride, the P1 2.0 comes with front hydraulic quad spring suspensions and a rear large shock suspension, making it the perfect choice for longer rides. If you're looking for a unique and stylish e-scooter, then the Tron Package is the perfect option for you. Designed and created in the UK, this package adds a touch of personality to your ride. Join the league of satisfied P1 2.0 owners and experience the thrill of electric scootering today!
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The Scooter Which Requires No Maintenance

The E1 is a nimble flying machine. Boosted with a nominal 500W rear motor and a 48V 13Ah battery, the E1 can ride along for up to 23 miles depending on user weight terrain and other variables. The perfect city commuter and the perfect scooter to carry up a flight of stairs. Top speed of around 25mph. It even comes with cruise control! The E1 is designed for maintenance hassle-free rider. Solid wheels are no match for sharp objects, you will never need to worry about the annoying puncture that happens during your morning commute. Little to no adjustments with a rear drum brake system. Integrated front And rear Lights and brake light. Rubber matt for great grip. Its portability meaning you can take it onto any public transportation in rush hour; Fold Stem, Fold Handlebars And Collapse Scooter. Easy as 1, 2 and 3.
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