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Solar Scooters Ultimate Guide: Electric Scooter Safety

October 22, 2022
Solar Scooters Ultimate Guide: Electric Scooter Safety

This blog will talk about the essential reason on why to wear safety equipment and how it can save your life.

Why you should wear safety equipment?

The vast majority of us tend to assume a bike or eclectic scooter doesn't require an helmet or safety equipment, but what happens if you fall? This blog will explain which measures of safety need to be undertaken and helmets, pads, gloves and eyewear should be worn.

Below we will talk about some of the main safety equipment which should always be worn when riding an electric scooter

First and most importantly an Helmet:

A helmet is designed solely for the purpose of protecting your head. Should there be an accident without an helmet most likely you will sustain injuries to you head. A helmet will not only absorb any impact but will protect the most important part of your head; your brain. We therefore recommend to always wear a helmet when riding an electric scooter.

The second most important is clothing including footwear.

Wearing a long dress or long pants which can go under your feet or very long jumpers or shirts can cause you to lose control and slip of your electric scooter. The best recommendation is to wear comfortable clothing which does not be in the way of you losing control over your electric scooter.

Do not wear flip flops, high heels or slippery shoes when riding an electric scooter. The best advice would be to wear shoes which have adequate grip or trainers. Riding and slipping on the deck can be fatal, hence a stable control on your feet is vital.

Eyewear; is again an essential safety gear. If your wearing an full face helmet with a visor, eyewear is not needed. But if your wearing a half head helmet or full face helmet with no visor, eyewear will help to deflect wind in your eyes and allow you to see the view in front clearly. Hence eyewear is essential.

Wearing a backpack which is not heavy will not cause any issues on your ride. However, do not please the backpack on your stem as this will cause to lose control of your steering.

We do hope reading the above tips will give you an insight on the essence of safety. Wearing safety gear will help you avoid injuries but also will keep you alert of your surroundings.

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