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The Best Electric Scooters In 2024

January 29, 2023
The Best Electric Scooters In 2024

The best electric scooters will help you commute green and save money. In congested areas like big cities where public transit isn't as widely used and extensive, they can also save commuters time.

We checked out a few popular models — determining their range, speed and overall feel and ease of use over a variety of terrains and surfaces, and getting a sense of how we could integrate them into our daily routine.

1. Solar P1 Pro 

The Solar P1 Pro is the supercar of scooters. Featuring 2 x 1600w performance electric motors for a maximum output of a massive 3200w -- the Solar P1 Pro accelerates with incredible pulling force and jets from a standstill. Able to destroy any hills or inclines thrown at it. The new P1 Pro features a larger 60v 26Ah battery pack, capable of up to 50 miles per charge depending on use and environment conditions. Goodbye range anxiety! The lithium-ion battery has a colossal range of around 50 miles, dependent on.  Cruising to a top speed of up to 45-50 mph, the Solar P1 Pro is one of the fastest electric scooters in the world.  The P1 Pro is equipped with four front suspensions, and one big suspension at the rear, for better stability at higher speeds. This in turn will allow all vibrations and bumps to be absorbed by the scooter, leaving you in comfort at all times. See, and be seen with the new Dual Laser Headlights. These are extremely bright LED lights and will ensure greater safety when riding at night. The front and rear brakes have also been upgraded to powerful Hydraulic Brakes!

The Solar P1 Pro also comes with a fast charger as standard and has dual charging ports for faster charging.

2. Dualtron Storm

The Dualtron Storm is not a last-mile electric scooter, it's a leave-your-car-at-home product. From the first moment I stepped on it to more than 1,500 miles later, it still impresses me with its power. Capable of 50-plus miles per hour and able to hit 40mph in its power-saving Eco mode, this scooter does not disappoint. 

The Storm can support riders up to 330 pounds and when I say "support" I mean both the build and the motors. A lot of products claim to support certain weights but performance generally takes a hard hit when they're pushed close to the edge. That is not the case with the Storm and its dual 1,500-watt hub motors.

The scooter is rated to travel 80 miles on a full charge, and I think this is possible for disciplined riders that maintain slow speeds (15 to 25 mph), depending on rider frame and terrain. Its big battery can take up to 19 hours to top off with the standard charger. But the company does offer a fast charger that can do it in under 7 hours. This electric scooter uses a lithium-ion battery pack of 72 volts, with a battery capacity of 31.5 amps (3,024Wh) and it has two charging ports for faster charging. 

3. Varla eagle one

The Eagle One makes this list because Varla found a way to build a quality electric scooter with similar specs to many currently on the market, while keeping the price competitive. And it even comes with some cool accessories.

The 77-pound scooter rolls on 10-inch pneumatic tires with dual 1,000-watt brushless motors powered by a big 52-volt, 18.2Ah lithium-Ion battery. Rated top speed: 40 mph. I was only able to get up to about 33 mph but my lighter girlfriend hopped on and hit 37 mph. The Eagle One supports a total weight of 330 pounds but is recommended for riders up to 265 pounds.

On a single charge you can get up to 40 miles of travel, but I only reached about half of that. I ride aggressively, though, switching between dual- and single-motor modes and staying in its top gear. Staying with a single motor and at slower speeds will always get you farther, but I like a little speed. The scooter model can be charged in about eight hours with a single charger and just under five hours connected to a second charger.

4. InMotion S1 Electric Scooter

The InMotion S1 is an exceptionally comfortable last-mile scooter. Coming in at $1,099, this responsive scooter has front and rear suspension, 10-inch puncture-proof pneumatic tubeless tires and a handlebar height of 42 inches so there's less hunching over when you ride. It's powered by a single 500-watt brushless rear-wheel motor and can get up to speeds of 18.6 mph. The rear motor positioning is great for minimizing some of the weight in the front when lifting on or off of a curb. 

If you are on the heavier side, the S1 gets noticeably slower on inclines. InMotion rated the scooter to travel 59 miles before needing a charge. We found that to be closer to 20 to 25 miles from our testing; this always depends on travel speeds, rider size, and the terrain.

The S1 ships with a single 63-volt charger and takes about seven hours to replenish the 675Wh battery. However, with two charge ports on the S1, that time can be cut in half with a second charger. One minor complaint: The small circular covers for the charge ports can be troublesome to close. It's extremely important to keep them covered when not charging to keep moisture out. The S1 has a dust and water rating of IP55 and the battery IP67. 

5. Emove Cruiser Electric Scooter

The EMOVE Cruiser foldable electric scooter for heavy adults comes in purple, orange, black, and white. On a single charge, this e-scooter gives a range of 62 miles depending on the weight of the rider, riding conditions, and to some extent the rider’s experience.  

The handlebars are easily foldable and the deck is one of the widest and most stable. The stem has a tough folding mechanism and these features help in enhancing the safety of this electric scooter for heavy people weighing 300 lbs. 

This electric scooter can be upgraded by buying a seat for it to enhance the comfort even further and keep fatigue out of the equation. 

With a weight capacity of 352lbs, this electric scooter is stable enough to carry 2 medium-weight adults without breaking a sweat. It couldn’t be reviewed as one of the toughest and best without factoring in the stability, anyway.


Aaron Warner
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