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Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills in 2024 USA

February 05, 2023
Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills in 2024 USA

Electric scooters have been around in one form or another for over 100 years. In this blog we will be comparing some of the best adult electric scooters for hill climbing.

Our selection is placed particular on the power and torque of the motors, and the battery capacity outputting best mileage. Combined, these are the key factors that affect hill-climbing performance. You need the power to get up inclines and enough energy so that the scooter doesn’t call it quits while climbing.

Each electric scooter comes with a maximum incline rate or hill climb angle. This is the maximum gradient of a hill that the scooter can manage. 

However, a scooter that boasts a high incline rate won't always perform consistently when going up steep hills.

For example, let's say your scooter has a maximum incline rate of 20 degrees. In that case, it can handle driving up a 20-degree gradient hill. However, riding up inclines of around 12 or 15 degrees may cause your scooter to slow down.

This is because most electric scooters have anoptimal incline rate as well. This is the gradient they can manage while still maintaining their speed.

Most scooters' optimal incline rates are slightly lower than their maximum incline rate. So a scooter with a 20-degree maximum incline rate can handle up to around a 15-degree incline before affecting uphill speed. 

Scooters with a higher hill climb angle will also have a higher optimal incline rate.

Incline Grades

Some manufacturers use the term "incline grade" rather than "incline rate." These grades are usually given as percentages.

It is important to note that a percentage is not equal to the gradient of a hill. Percentage figures will be higher than the degree rate, which can be misleading. A scooter with a 20% incline grade, for example, has a maximum incline rate of 12 degrees.

So make sure you keep this in mind to find a scooter that provides the right amount of power for you.

Moderate Inclines (5-10 Degrees)

Most cities in America have a few moderate inclines in them. These would be tricky to manage with a low-powered scooter, and your legs would burn if you tried to bicycle uphill.

However, most quality electric scooters are designed to make going up and down moderate hills a breeze!

Steep Inclines (10-15 Degrees)

10- to 15-degree inclines aren't quite as steep as the hills you'll find in San Francisco or Fitchburg. However, they still require more power than standard urban inclines.

Because of this, you will need to make sure you buy a powerful scooter if you live in a hilly area.

If you will be driving up and down hill and are taller or heavier, a dual motor electric scooter for adults is the best option to climb hills without losing too much speed. 

With steep hills, it can be difficult for single motor scooters to reach optimum speed. Depending on your weight and speed, you could also put too much strain on the scooter and cause it to fail.

Extreme Inclines (15 Degrees or More)

As their name suggests, hills with a gradient of 15 degrees or more are seriously steep.

To put this in perspective, take a look at Filbert Street in San Francisco (17.5 degrees) or Baldwin Street in New Zealand (19 degrees). These are some of the steepest streets in the world.

You will need  a lot of power to get up hills this steep. As we've already mentioned, most scooters tend to slow down after they reach their optimum incline rate.

Because of this, you should look for a scooter that has a maximum incline rate higher than the grade of the hills around you. We suggest you increase the rate, so if the hills have a 16-degree gradient, look for scooters with a 30 degree or higher hill climb angle. This will ensure that you can get up and down steep inclines without any trouble!

Additionally, you'll want to select a scooter with dual motors, as scooters with single motors will have a more a more difficult time making the climb.

With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the best electric scooters for going up hills.

1. Solar FF 2.0 Black Edition Electric Scooter

This electric scooter:

- Has a maximum speed of 60-65 mph
- Can travel 50 miles on a single charge
- Weighs 120 lbs
- Can carry up to 440 lbs
- Has dual 8000W motors

    The sturdy monster Solar FF 2.0 72v Black Edition can go up the steepest hills on the face of the earth. The whopping 8000W motors which peak at 10000W moves this beast of a scooter ferociously giving a sensation unfathomable.  

    The 11" tires which can be on road or off road provide excellent grip, the fenders are not plastic but metal which means durability and provides excellent protection against back splash.

    The twist throttle is also unique to this beast of a scooter which is very hard to find on an electric scooter of this caliber.

    The below video shows just how steep the FF 2.0 can go.

     2. Kaabo Wolf King Electric Scooter

    - Has a maximum speed of 60 MPH
    - Can travel 50 miles on a single charge
    - Weighs 115 lbs
    - Can carry up to 400 pounds
    - Has dual 3000W motors

    Wolf King is on our list due to its staggering acceleration and high-powered motor. It has 1500W motor power to climb the steepest terrain without having any performance lags. It features a robust design that can support heavier weights even on off-road drives. 

    The Wolf king features a lightweight aluminum frame that can withstand immense pressure. It can support a weight capacity of 400 pounds. The performance and sturdiness of this scooter are excellent as it won’t wobble around on road bumps and rough terrain. You can expect a long lifetime of the stem and deck of this electric scooter due to its robust build quality.

    3. Dualtron X2 Electric Scooter

    - Has a maximum speed of 65 MPH
    - Can travel 93 miles on a single charge
    - Weighs 145 lbs
    - Can carry up to 330 pounds
    - Has dual 8300W motors

    Climbing hills is not always all about power. You also want to be standing comfortably and not get your legs torn apart from the ride.

    That means a wide deck, large tires, and excellent suspension. And the one scooter that we can truly label as the most comfortable one for climbing is the Dualtron X2. The Dualtron X2 costs $6490, and while it’s a huge price, it is more than justified. The scooter has an amazing climb angle of 35 degrees, which has been confirmed in tests by many owners. Among other world records, the Dualtron X2 has the most powerful motors in the world, packing an astonishing 8300 Watts of power. With that kind of power, I believe that this scooter can climb even better than claimed, and the climb angle of 35 degrees may even be underreported a little.

    4. Solar P1 Pro Electric Scooter

    - Has a maximum speed of 50 MPH
    - Can travel 50 miles on a single charge
    - Weighs 75 lbs
    - Can carry up to 330 pounds
    - Has dual 4000W motors

    Built upon the P1 2.0 Platform, the P1 Pro takes everything great about the 2.0 and cranks it all the way to 11. Featuring 2 x performance tuned brushless motors packing 1600 watts each -- the Pro can reach and sometimes exceed 50mph.* The acceleration on the Pro has also been vastly improved. In Launch Mode 2.0, the Pro will give some cars a run for their money at 0 – 50mph times! The Pro can also go the distance, with a new massive 60v 26Ah lithium-ion battery capable of up to 50 miles per charge – Goodbye range anxiety!

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