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Sub-$7k electric motorcycle takes on the urban jungle

June 10, 2024
Sub-$7k electric motorcycle takes on the urban jungle

Electric mobility brand Solar Scooters has unleashed a new e-moto designed for riding on urban roads, while also holding its own in the wild. The E-Clipse 2.0 Race Edition combines cool carbon looks with a 65-mph motor and 70-mile battery.

Solar Scooters began life in London around 3 years ago, designing and manufacturing performance e-scoots. The startup has a US base of operations in Los Angeles too, and last year launched a relatively low-cost 60-mph electric motorcycle called the E-Clipse.

A few months later, the E-Clipse 2.0 was born, which "packs a lot of power into a lightweight package, making for a quick and nimble ride both on- and off-road" according to a recent CleanTechnica review. And it's this e-moto that the new Race Edition is based on.
The chassis and swingarm are fashioned using hand-woven carbon fiber "for lightweight strength and rigidity." Like its stablemate, the Race Edition is good for city commutes or fun in the dirt, "offering riders unrestricted access to the thrill of exploration without compromise." And it comes supplied with turn signals, mirrors and a plate bracket plus the paperwork required to register the bike in US states (riders will need an appropriate license and insurance before hitting the road though).
Providing the electric grunt is a 13,000-watt peak encoder motor and enhanced 18-mosfet output controller for "unparalleled torque" and speeds of up to 65 mph (105 km/h). A 72-V/45-Ah removable battery made up of 21700 cells manufactured by LG is reckoned good for a per-charge range of up to 70 miles (112.6 km), though not at full tilt. Recharge time is said to take less than 3 hours via the supplied charger plugged into a wall outlet, and regenerative braking could help eke out a few more precious miles of freedom.
The Solar E-Clipse 2.0 Race Edition can be optioned with enduro, super moto or full carbon wheels

The Race Edition rides out with a starting price of US$6,795.95, which makes it a little more expensive than the Ryvid Outset e-scrambler, but much cheaper than Peugeot-backed DAB's recent urban e-moto and Livewire's electric cruiser.


James O'Neill
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