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CNET: BEST 50mph Electric Scooter Under $2000

June 10, 2024
CNET: BEST 50mph Electric Scooter Under $2000

The Solar P1 Pro is impressive on multiple levels. Powered by dual 2,000-watt motors, it boasts a top speed of 50 mph. It features rear signal lights, an audible horn, dual brightness modes on the headlight and two security options for turning the scooter on a numeric code or NFC. All this is available for $1,900. In terms of style, you can opt for the Tron edition, which has an illuminated ring around the deck in green, red, purple or blue. The display is large and bright enough to see in sunlight. The P1 Pro weighs 92 pounds and can support up to 330 pounds. Although I'm not 330 pounds, I'm not lightweight either, and this scooter easily handled my size, offering some serious torque. 

Ben Barton
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