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Making it a reality - Tron Package (Part 4)

August 04, 2022
Making it a reality - Tron Package (Part 4)

Update on our Tron Package for the Solar P1 2.0

Date: Wednesday 2nd December 2020

 Tron Prototype v2.0

Since our last update in part 3 we have made a huge stride in bringing our Tron Package to life! We now have a fully finished custom deck in a new material that is both incredibly lightweight yet extremely strong. This is a huge improvement from the all aluminium custom deck which was far too heavy and not to mention very expensive.

An added bonus of the new material is that it actually cushions the ride of the P1 even further adding to the riding comfort! A unexpected, but highly welcomed accident! 

We have even toyed around with different colours of the Tron Package to show off different looks. Check out our Tron Prototype version 2.0 our in the wild below:

As you can see we went with a bright Red with the current prototype, we felt this worked well and complimented the red accents already on the P1 2.0.

Final tweaks are being made to the Tron Package and we will announce volume production very soon, stay tuned!

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