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Can you ride Solar Scooters in the rain?

December 30, 2022
Can you ride Solar Scooters in the rain?

Short answer, yes. You can in fact ride any of our performance escooters in the rain without issue. There are just a few things you have to keep in mind while doing so, hopefully this blog post can help with that! 

All of our escooters are a minimum of IP54 rated or higher, meaning they can be ridden in light to medium rain without issue, including small puddles and through mud. 

With that said, no escooter is fully waterproof. So avoid riding in very heavy rain or through deep puddles / bodies of water as there is always a risk of water intake which could damage sensitive components inside rending the escooter faulty or damaged beyond repair. 

Note that warranty does not cover water damage. 

Here is a few tips to maintain your escooter after riding in wed or muddy conditions:

- Dry the escooter with a towel after ride, do not leave wet. 

- Store scooter in a cool, dry place

- Clean muddy escooters with warm water and a sponge (no soap needed) -- we did a video on this here: 

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