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Solar E-Clipse 2.0

Solar E-Clipse Unboxing

Maximum Range, Limitless Possibilities

Featuring a robust removable 72v 45Ah LG battery comprising 21700 cells, the E-Clipse 2.0 boasts a commendable range of 60-70 miles per charge. Rapid recharging, facilitated by a 10Amp charger, enables a full battery restoration in a mere 3-4 hours, minimizing downtime and maximizing exploration time. 

Smooth Ride - Efficient Motor

The E-Clipse 2.0 features a cutting-edge powertrain with a sinewave controller, providing smooth power delivery at a peak output of 400A and a continuous output of 120A. This enables precise control of the 10000W peak output motor, known for its high power density & precise control. The dedicated regenerative braking system not only efficiently slows down the bike but also contributes to recharging the battery.

Intelligent TFT Display

The E-Clipse sets itself apart with its thoughtfully designed display, which provides riders with all the necessary information to operate the vehicle with ease and safety.
Boasting a large and bright automatic dimming TFT screen, the display features a host of safety features, including preciser battery percentage, turn signals/Hazard lights, main beam lights, horn, and brake indicator, ensuring that riders can focus on the road while enjoying a secure ride.

Inverted Suspension Forks

With cutting-edge inverted forks designed and manufactured in Taiwan, riding the E-Clipse 2.0 off road or on road can easily be adapted by the fork settings.

Front Inverted Forks

Travel - 203mm
Material - 7050 Aluminum - high resistance to exfoliation corrosion and stress-corrosion cracking, high fracture toughness, and fatigue resistance
Adjustability - Preload, Rebound, Air Pressure

Rear Motorcycle Shock

Material - 7050 Aluminum
Adjustability - Preload, Rebound, Air Pressure, Compression
Length (Eye to Eye)
- 265mm : 85mm
- 245mm : 76mm
- 225mm : 66mm
- 205mm : 56mm
- 195mm : 51mm

Optional Dual Storage

With sleek 23 liters capacity of each box, providing ample space for your essentials. Built for durability, its aerodynamic design enhances your bike's aesthetics. The secure locking mechanism ensures your belongings stay safe during rides. Easy installation makes it hassle-free for riders of all levels. Upgrade your motorcycle experience with the 46 liters of Storage – compact, stylish, and reliable for any journey.

Solar E-Clipse Specs

50-70 miles (72v 45Ah LG 21700 Cells)
Top Speed:
Up to 60mph in sport mode*
Peak Power:
10000W - 400A Controller
3.6s 0-30mph
60.8KG / 138lbs
Water Resistance:
Fast Charger Included:

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Wheel Options

19" Off Road Tires: Conquer rough terrains with ease, enhanced traction / stability for off-road adventures. 
16" On Road Tires: Optimize your bike for smooth rides on paved surfaces, offering a comfortable and efficient on-road experience. 
Premium 16" Carbon Fibre Wheels: Elevate your experience with cutting-edge technology with hand-woven carbon fiber wheels reducing the overall weight by 33lbs. 


Color Options

Matte Black: Sleek and bold for a timeless aesthetic.
Midnight Blue: Classic and sophisticated, perfect for any occasion.
Neon Green: Make a statement with a vibrant and energetic look.
Pearl White: Elegance meets modernity, a clean and stylish option.

Storage Details

Elegant, lightweight, and aerodynamic design with a top opening design for easy access without dismounting.

The design maintains waterproofness and durability. 23 liters of pannier storage in each key lock box. 

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