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Solar FF 2.0

Electronic Horn
Indicator Switch
Deck Light
Rear Hydraulic Brake

Single Or Dual Motor
E-brake/Turbo Mode
Large Display
Key With Voltmeter

USB Charging Port
Front Brake

Speed Switch
Controls & Features

The Solar FF 2.0 has two large front laser LED lights giving a clear view in the dark for up to 18 meters, plus a rear brake and tail light for traffic behind you to be aware you are there. Safety is always a priory with Solar Scooters. The FF 2.0 also has a deck light which can be turned on or off independently from the front lights, this would be one of the first scooters to have a feature where the light for the deck is controlled separately to the main front lights.

Controls & Features

The P1 2.0 has an in-built horn within the light casing which is controlled by the yellow button on the left of the handlebar. As with any vehicle a horn is an compulsory safety feature to warn others of your presence; which is exactly what the horn on the P1 2.0 is designed to do.

Controls & Features

The FF 2.0 is one of the few scooters which has integrated indicator lights on a scooter, with a switch of a button you may indicate to go left or right.

Controls & Features

The FF 2.0 has a deck light which can be turned on or off independently from the front lights, this would be one of the first scooters to have a feature where the light for the deck is controlled separately to the main front lights.

Controls & Features

Equipped with high standard hydraulic rear brakes which are the primary brakes. Braking has never been easier and more comfortable on such a powerful scooter. The braking system which is partly electronic will keep braking at ease. 

Controls & Features

The FF 2.0 can be driven by the powerful single or dual motor. The single motor mode will only use one wheel to drive the scooter, where as the dual motor mode will use both wheels. This will release the scooter in a pedigree of its own with great power, handling and speed, making it effectively dual wheel drive, and in a class of its own.

Controls & Features

The yellow e-brake button is designed to slow down the scooter at higher speeds and also acts as an regen brake. The red button is to active dual wheel drive.

Controls & Features

The large LCD display showcases the speed, mileage, time, power, stop, voltage, etc. Giving you all the information required to operate the Solar FF 2.0 safely. Designed in London.

Controls & features

The FF 2.0 has a key start and alarm, this has been designed and integrated into the scooter handle bar. Adding on safety this key lock will ensure no one can have access to the scooter except the owner. The alarm works where if someone tries to move the scooter the alarm will be active, when the key has been removed and alarm activated. Alarm activation and deactivation is through a key fob.

Controls & Features

The FF 2.0 uses a twist throttle to accelerate, the further the throttle is rotated the speed will increase. 

Controls & Features

The FF 2.0 has an USB charging port which can be used to charge your phone on the go.

Controls & Features
Controls & Features

The updated FF 2.0 has a brand new 3 way speed switch, this has been designed to allow more control when switching gears. The design has been incorporated directly into the twist throttle for minimisation. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mark Benton
A special gift

I bought my wife, an electric scooter from a local store for Mother’s Day. She was very surprised and enjoyed it, but didn’t want to do it by herself. I was too heavy for a store-bought scooter, so she found the Solar Website and bought me in FF lite for my birthday. I have thoroughly enjoyed that machine and we would go on weekend adventures to local parks and rails to trails pathways. unfortunately, the range of my wife’s store-bought scooter was deficient and we would have to Limit our trips to about 15 miles round-trip.
After a lot of research and knowing We needed an upgrade I surprised my wife with a 72 V 45 amp black edition for Christmas. She was a little intimidated by the size and height at first but after a few short moments, she was doing 40 mph on local trails. Although the black edition is heavier than my FF light. We have devised a way to get it into the back of my SUV using a rolling stool. I purchased a steering damper because I have one on my FF flight. I have not installed it since she says the ride is very smooth with no sense of instability even at 40 mph. The speed and power are impressive but the slow speed characteristics are also very good when slowing down to pass, pedestrians/dog walkers. off-road maneuvering is also very easy and stable.
The scooters are a wonderful addition to are active lifestyle.
We can’t wait for the next pathway/adventure!

Troy Rhoden
It's awesome

Been great I ride it everyday is my everyday driver now. So fun!!!

kevin beltran
Great Stuff

Only had it for about 3 weeks so far. Was able to use it four times before it stopped turning on. Contacted Support and after sending them videos of me trying to troubleshoot they sent me a replacement part that I was able to replace easily. This is My favorite purchase I made this year so far. I’m using it as my only source of transportation right now and I can confidently say my commute to and from work is my favorite part of the day. It’s about 11 miles one way so average 22 miles per day and I get home with the battery showing as 4 bars still (without plugging in at the office). It’s not like your average e scooter. You’re probably not going to easily fold and lift this thing like those little birds you see around, but you’re definitely gonna turn heads and be noticed so I feel pretty safe and seen when I’m on the street.

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