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Winterize Your Ride: Top Hacks to Keep Your Ride Cozy and Ready

January 23, 2024
Winterize Your Ride: Top Hacks to Keep Your Ride Cozy and Ready

As the mercury dips, it's not just you who needs to bundle up – your trusty ride does too! At Solar Scooters, we know that a little winter TLC can go a long way in protecting your pride and joy. Here are our top winter hacks to keep your escooters and electric bikes in peak condition, no matter what Jack Frost throws your way.

Keep Those Batteries Beaming

Full Charge = Full-on Protection. It's tempting to stash your ride and forget about it until spring, but winter hibernation requires a full battery charge. Why? A fully charged battery maintains health and longevity, warding off the cold's battery-biting habits. Keep your ride stored at 100% 

The Warm, Dry Haven

Your Ride's Winter Getaway. Just like you wouldn't leave your pet in the cold, give your electric buddy a warm, dry place to rest. This isn't just for comfort – it prevents rust and keeps your ride ready to roll. Do not leave it outside against the elements.

Battery Out, Warmth In

Detach and Embrace the Warmth. If your ride's battery is removable like on the Solar E-Clipse 2.0, give it a separate winter abode. A warm, dry shelf beats the chilly garage floor, ensuring it remains charged and cozy.

A Wrap in Time Saves Nine

Can't remove the battery? Insulate, Don't Hesitate. Wrap your escooter or ebike in an insulating material – think old bed sheets, bubble wrap, or a reflective blanket. It's like a warm hug for your ride, shielding it from the biting cold.


For more tips and tricks to keep your ride in top-notch condition, scoot over to our website! Check out for your next eco-friendly ride and expert advice on keeping it in prime shape, all year round.

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