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Making it a reality - Tron Package (Part 1)

August 04, 2022
Making it a reality - Tron Package (Part 1)

A few months ago we uploaded a conceptual design for the Solar P1 2.0 on our instagram, which consisted of a rendering of the P1 with the iconic 'Tron' lights embedded throughout the deck, rear fender and T bar. 

Although just a rendering, the response we got from this was outstanding! A combination of awe, questions and 'Wow that looks awesome.' comments.

This got us thinking: 'How can we make this a reality?'

The inner kid in all of us became extremely excited, how cool would it be to have a Tron E-Scooter, we all thought. Reality soon came back into play as we began brain storming on how to bring our idea to life and the technicalities behind it. We started at the one place every idea starts... the drawing board. 

Lighting wise we immediately thought of using LED lights; embedding a RGB lighting trip along the deck of the P1, but after thinking about it for a while we knew this would not give off the same 'Tron' effect with a solid light bar like in the movies, we needed something different.

I then remembered seeing a video on YouTube of this guy who makes custom electric lighting stickers for motorbike helmets  which uses a technology called Electroluminescent film. In short, the way this works is by passing a small current through a chemical in the film which excites the particles inside, making them emit energy which can only escape as photons aka light. After conducting more research into the technology and the inner workings of the connectors needed it became clear this was the right choice to achieve the look we were going for. The only hurdle needed to clear now was manufacturing and making it work with the Solar P1.


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