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Fastest Electric Scooters: 10 Of The Fastest Electric Scooters In The World

January 08, 2023
Fastest Electric Scooters: 10 Of The Fastest Electric Scooters In The World

Electric Scooters have come a long way in the last few years. With ever growing traffic delays the ever-advancing technology taking its toll on people's wants, the need for faster electric scooters increases.

Recently, there are 20-80 mph electric scooters with impressive features. Due to the increasing want of fast riders for faster scooters, brands have flooded the market with a vast range of these high-speed electric scooters from the like of Rion, Dualtron, Apollo and we do have to mention Solar Scooters.

If you are a beginner or pro speed addict looking to get one, we have listed up a list of the best 20-80 mph electric scooters. Keep reading to choose one that best suits your needs. 

1. Best 25 mph Electric Scooters

Solar E1 Electric Scooter 

The E1 is a nimble flying machine. Boosted with a nominal 500W rear motor and a 48V 13Ah battery, the E1 can ride along for up to 23 miles depending on user weight terrain and other variables. The perfect city commuter and the perfect scooter to carry up a flight of stairs. Top speed of around 25mph. It even comes with cruise control! The E1 is designed for maintenance hassle-free rider. Solid wheels are no match for sharp objects, you will never need to worry about the annoying puncture that happens during your morning commute. Little to no adjustments with a rear drum brake system. Integrated front And rear Lights and brake light. Rubber matt for great grip. Its portability meaning you can take it onto any public transportation in rush hour; Fold Stem, Fold Handlebars And Collapse Scooter. Easy as 1, 2 and 3.

A 25 mph electric scooter is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get around a busy city and is street-legal in most states. They are also the best option for beginners looking to enjoy scooter riding.

2. Best 30 mph Electric Scooters

Apollo Explore 

The Apollo Explore is is a speedy, long-range commuter with a single 1000-watt electric engine. For this 30 mph speed demon, acceleration for hill climbing and a 31-mph optimum speed comes from a powerful rear motor with 1400 W peak output.

More so, the two high-performance disc brakes help to ensure quick and seamless braking. The battery can be preserved optimally when using the regenerative brake, which is easily adjustable.

The Apollo Explore is ultra-comfortable when riding it on hills and trails, thanks to 10" pneumatic tires, a high-performance dual spring suspension in the back, and an additional spring suspension in the front.

3. Best 40 mph Electric Scooters

Solar P1 2.0 Electric Scooter & Inokim OXO

The P1 2.0 is one of the world's best selling electric scooters. Equipped with dual 1200W motors equaling 2400W of pure nominal performance. A 52V 18Ah battery will last around 30 miles in range when used in average speed modes. To top it all off, a maximum speed of 40mph will keep the thrills and enjoyment a regular occurrence.  The P1 2.0 40 mph electric scooter comes with a key start or fingerprint start.  Dual charging ports for a faster charge. Front hydraulic quad spring suspensions and a rear large shock suspension. Tron Package Available, Designed And Created In The UK.

Inokim OXO

In so many areas, the Inokim OXO exceeds expectations. It has the best braking ever tested. No worries when riding in the dark, it features front and rear LED lights you can turn to ensure you are visible. The good thing about this fast gadget is that you can get it for just $2,599.

An astounding top speed of 40 mph is made possible by a high-performance motor. The high-efficiency Li-ion battery is built for extended journeys, with a realistic range of 36 miles.

Weighing 73 pounds, the 40 mph electric scooter is lightweight, making it easy to carry. Thanks to its powerful engines and sturdy construction, it is sturdy enough to carry adults weighing up to 264.5 pounds comfortably.

4. Best 50 mph Electric Scooters

Wolf Warrior & Solar P1 Pro

Wolf Warrior

The Wolf Warrior comes with premium features, including a fully hydraulic brake system, a loud horn, and huge 11-inch pneumatic tubeless tires. This off-road e-scooter Wolf Warrior has dual 1200-watt motors and a Samsung 60 V 35 Ah battery, which provides 5400 W of peak power.

This Wolf Warrior scooter has an optimum speed of 50 mph with a 60-mile range on one single charge. Even the most rugged terrain is no match for this scooter's front motorcycle-grade hydraulic suspension, thanks to its front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. 

The aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame is forged in one piece. Aluminum is lighter and much more rigid than steel, making it one of the most desirable 50 mph electric scooters. The slightly high $3199 price won't disappoint.


The Solar P1 Pro 2023 edition has been upgraded with much more powerful motors, a larger frame to equip 11" tires and a MTB style bar for solid handlebars. Built upon the P1 2.0 Platform, the P1 Pro takes everything great about the 2.0 and cranks it all the way to 11. Featuring 2 x performance tuned brushless motors packing 2000 watts each -- the Pro can reach and sometimes exceed 50mph.* The acceleration on the P1 Pro has also been vastly improved. In Launch Mode 2.0, the Pro will give some cars a run for their money at 0 – 50mph times! The Pro can also go the distance, with a new massive 60v 26Ah lithium-ion battery capable of up to 50 miles per charge

4. Best 60 mph Electric Scooters

Dualtron Ultra 2 & Solar FF 2.0

Dualtron Ultra 2

The Dualtron Ultra 2 is the follow-up to the groundbreaking first-generation electric scooter. It has large tread tires that can easily cut through mud, gravel, tarmac, and grass. The large dual hub motors with a peak wattage of 6700 are responsible for these tires' stunning appearance.

The Dualtron Ultra 2 can attain speeds of up to 62 mph depending on the charge, surface, and rider's weight. The Dualtron Ultra 2 offers a gigantic 87 miles range on a single charge, allowing you to go the extra mile. This is backed up by a massive 35 Ah battery mounted on the scooter's deck.

This 60 mph Electric Scooter is designed with safety in mind. There is illumination around the area to keep you visible on the roads. It has stem lighting, twin headlights, taillights, and even brake lights, so other drivers can see what you're doing and where you're going. You don't need to question its $4190 price tag with these amazing features.

Solar FF 2.0 Black Edition

The Solar FF 2.0 is the Sport SUV of the escooter world. Representing years of R&D in both Performance Motors and High-Capacity Battery technology, the FF 2.0 is at the bleeding edge of what an escooter can do. Featuring  2 x 4000Watt ultra-performing brushless motors, the FF 2.0 can reach incredible speeds of up to 60-67mph – and thanks to these Dual Motors, the FF 2.0 is an all terrain monster capable of riding on grass, through forest tracks and even through mud. All this performance needs the power to match... which is why the FF 2.0 houses our most energy dense battery to date, enabling a range of up to 60 miles on a single charge. * This Electric Scooter is one of the fastest electric scooters in the world.

5.  Best 80 mph Electric Scooters 

Rion RE90 Electric Scooter

A scooter may be a perfectly logical and pleasant mode of transportation for city people who don’t require a car. It might be difficult to choose the proper electric scooter because there are so many on the market with different power outputs, battery ranges, and prices. If money is an issue and you need an electric scooter but aren’t sure which one to acquire, we recommend the Rion RE90 Electric Scooter, which is known as the “Bugatti of electric scooters.” 

Because of its peak speed of up to 100 mph but limited to 80 mph for safety reasons, the Rion RE90 has been dubbed the “Bugatti” of electric scooters. Rion’s Plant in Los Angeles, California, manufactures and assembles the scooter. The RE90 electric scooter is the world’s fastest hyper-production scooter, with exceptional performance that’s ideal for scooter enthusiasts.

Scooters that run on electricity are fantastic. They’re simple to ride, quick enough for your morning commute, and small enough to carry to work. To put it another way, they’re a practical mode of transportation. The Rion RE90 Racing Edition takes a once-practical mode of personal transportation and makes it ridiculously fast.

You know how you can hire scooters and ride them throughout town? They usually reach a peak speed of 20 mph. This “race edition” electric kick scooter, on the other hand, is equipped with a motor capable of reaching speeds of up to 100 mph. It’s so ludicrous that they decided to limit it at 80 mph electronically, because propelling at 100 mph on what’s effectively a giant skateboard with a handlebar doesn’t seem very safe. We know, 80 mph doesn’t seem particularly safe, but this is clearly geared at the daredevils among us.

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