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The 11 best electric bicycles of 2024, tested and editor-approved

June 10, 2024
The 11 best electric bicycles of 2024, tested and editor-approved

Cost: $5,996 | Type: Off-road | Motor: 10,000W | Battery: LG 72V 45Ah | Distance on a single charge: 60 miles | Top speed: 60 mph+ | Foldable: No

What do you call an electric bike that has no pedals? An electric motorcycle, which puts the Solar E-Clipse 2.0 is in a slightly different class than the rest of the bikes here. That means, among other things, you're likely to need a motorcycle license and registration if you want to hit the road on this baby.

Of course, with these knobby 19-inch tires, you're more likely to want to hit the trails. (Solar also offers the bike with 16-inch road tires if that's your preference.) You can definitely do that thanks to the adjustable suspension and IP67 water/dust-resistance rating.

I struggled quite a bit with assembly, in part because the E-Clipse is heavy and in part because the print instructions are terrible. Solar's assembly video is much more helpful, but even that left me confused in a few areas.

Once it's done, however, you're in for some serious fun. The E-Clipse is easy to ride, surprisingly comfortable and crazy-fast when you switch out of Eco mode. If you want the thrill of a motorcycle mixed with the benefits of an e-bike, this is worth a look.

Dan Snowley
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